Keep Your Pool or Spa Free From Entrapment Risk

Taking these three steps will help ensure your pool, spa or hot tub remains free from entrapment risk:

Montage - proper drain covers
Examples of ANSI/ASME A 112.19.8-listed anti-entrapment drain covers.

  • Have your pool or spa inspected by an APSP professional
  • There is no backup for a broken, missing or inadequate cover. Replace any broken, missing or non-compliant covers with covers that are marked: "VGB2009," "ASME/ANSI A112.19.8-2007" or show the swimmer logo below:
    ASME swimmer logo
  • Pools or spas with a single main drain other than a single unblockable main drain, require additional protection. Options include:
    • eliminating the drain or reversing the flow
    • adding a second, properly spaced outlet
    • installing an SVRS (safety vacuum release system)
    • installing an automatic pump shut-off system
    • installing a suction limiting vent system
    • adding a gravity drainage system