Entrapment Avoidance Rules

Avoid Entrapment!

Follow these important rules to avoid suction entrapment:

  • Never play or swim near drains or suction fittings. If a cover is not compliant, or is loose or broken, your body or hair may be trapped causing permanent injury or drowning.
  • Never enter a pool or spa that has a loose, broken, or missing suction fitting or drain cover.
  • Immediately notify the pool/spa owner or operator if you find a loose, broken, or missing drain cover. In such a case, the pool or spa should be closed and an industry professional should make the necessary repair or replacement. 

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The Virginia Graeme Baker (VGB) Pool and Spa Safety Act

The VGB Act was passed by Congress with the support of the APSP and its members. The Act imposes requirements for all drain covers, and requires retrofitting of all public pools and spas. The Act also encourages each state to adopt entrapment avoidance laws for residential pools and spas, and barrier requirements to prevent drowning.

The Standard on Protection

APSP facilitated the creation of the definitive standard on suction entrapment. It was reviewed through a rigorous two-year process with a group representing more than 70 organizations, government agencies and companies that are interested in protecting consumers, and was approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).