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Casper, Wyoming – Building Code Adoption

Issue: Building Code Adoption

Affects: Could affect those who build pools and spas in this City.

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Summary: On June 19, the City Council will consider adoption of the 2018 International Building, Residential, Mechanical, Plumbing, Fuel Gas, Property Maintenance, Existing Building, and Fire Codes. They are not considering the International Swimming Pool & Spa Code.  However, depending on local amendments and/or interpretation; the referernce to the ISPSC in Section R326 of the Residential Code and Section 3109 of the Building Code could bring in the ISPSC.

Status:  The Council approved the adopiton of the 2018 I-codes at their June 19 meeting.

Agenda: http://www.casperwy.gov/UserFiles/Servers/Server_62983/Image/Government/Casper%20City%20Agendas%20and%20Minutes/Regular%20%20Special%20Session/2018/June/06-19-18%20Agenda-%20Updated%206-19.pdf