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OREGON – Updates to listing of compliant energy efficiency products

Regulation ID:  OR38212

Issue:  Department of Energy proposed rule: State Appliance Energy Efficiency Standards 

Affects:  Could affect portable spa manufacturers in terms of how they list compliant product.

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Rule Summary:  The Department proposed amendments to state appliance energy efficiency standards. The proposed rule changes are needed to exclude battery charger systems that have recently come under federal regulation, and hence are pre-empted from state regulation. Additionally, the proposed rule changes would update references to testing methods specified in the California Code of Regulations to take into account updates recently made to California regulations related to types of battery charger systems. Lastly, the proposed rule changes would clarify the status of products which are registered as compliant with the California Energy Commission with regard to requirements for labeling and registration in Oregon. The rule clarifies that manufacturers may either list equipment in the Multi-State Compliance System or register the equipment with the California Energy Commission to certify compliance with Oregon regulations. 

Status:  The Department revised the draft rules and reopened the public comment period until August 17, 2018.

Revised Draft Rules:

Notice of the Proposed Rule: http://www.oregon.gov/energy/Get-Involved/rulemakingdocs/2018-04-25-Rulemaking-Appliances-SOS-Notice.pdf