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West University Place, Texas – utility bill ordiance regarding filling of swimming pools

Issue:  Water Restrictions

Affects:  The pool & spa industry

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Summary:  On March 12 the City Council will consider a utility billing ordinance related to a one-time utility billing adjustment for residents who fill swimming pools. Currently Chapter 86 of the City’s Code of Ordinance allows for a utility bill adjustment for defects in the user’s water system or unusually large bills under Section 86-37. Section 86-38 is being added to clarify that a utility bill adjustment will be allowed for the filling of one’s swimming pool, once per year. The resident must apply with the Finance Department within 90 days of the date that the pool was filled. Further, the application must include the beginning and ending date and time of the filling so that the City is able to calculate the gallons used and apply a credit for the sanitary sewer charges related to those gallons, rounded to the nearest thousand. Only one adjustment per account will be allowed during any 12-month period. The adjustment permitted by this section shall not apply to irrigation/pool only meters as they already receive a credit for sanitary sewer costs. 

Status:  Awaiting update on what occurred at the March 12 meeting.