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Bratenahl, Ohio – pool barrier options

Issue:  Allowance of automatic pool covers as meeting barrier provisions.

Affects:  Those who manufactuer and install autmoatic pool covers.

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Summary:  On April 18, the Village Council considered an ordinance amending Section 1329.03 of the Building Code to exempt in-ground residential swimming pools from the provisions of said section.  This exemption is from barrier requirements and allows for automatic pool covers that meet the ASTM F 1346 Standard to be installed.

Status: On June 20, the Village Council was slated to consider the adoption of the ordinance on third reading, but it was removed from the table and not considered.  It could be brought back up at their July 18 meeting; agenda has yet to be posted.

Agenda: http://www.bratenahl.org/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_06202018-500