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IDAHO – discussion on adoption of new building codes 

Regulation ID:  ID37873

Issue:  Division of Building Safety departmental discussion: Adoption of the New Editions of Building Codes

Affects:  Those who build pool & spas could be affected depending on what codes are adopted.

Send comments to:Jennifer Hatfield, jhatfield@apsp.org

Rule Summary:  The Division is discussing amendments to adopt the latest editions of the International Building Code (IBC), Internal Existing Building Code (IEBC), and other International Code Council (ICC) codes. APSP encourages members to assist us in encouraging adoption of the International Swimming Pool & Spa Code.

Status:  The Division will hold two public hearings 4/17/2018 and 6/19/2018. Written comments for consideration at the 4/17/2018 and 6/19/2018 meetings must be submitted by 4/13/2018 and 6/15/2018 respectively.

Notice of Intent to Promulgate Rules- Negotiated Rulemaking (p. 14):https://adminrules.idaho.gov/bulletin/2018/04.pdf?