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CALIFORNIA – proposed changes to appliance efficiency regulations affecting pool & spa products

Regulation ID: CA37818

Issue:  Energy Commission proposed rule: Appliance Efficiency Regulations

Affects:  Those who manufacturer certain pool and spa products.

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Rule Summary:  The Commission has proposed amendments to the appliance efficiency rules.  These regulations contain definitions, test procedures, efficiency and design standards, and marking requirements for both federally regulated and state-regulated appliances. The amendments include updates to reflect both federal requirements and state requirements. The proposal includes current mandatory federal requirements such as federal appliance efficiency standards and test procedures, and new or updated federal definitions. State-specific requirements include removal of state efficiency standards and state test procedures that are preempted by federal law, changes to state test procedures for certain appliances to align with federal test procedures even though there is no preemption, and changes to other state-specific requirements, such as marking and reporting, for certain appliances. In addition, the Commission has proposed updates to clarify rule language and remove unnecessary rule text. The amendments impact a wide variety of appliances including, but not limited to: (1) pumps - air, heat, water, pool pumps; (2) freezers and refrigerators; (3) water heaters and furnaces; (4) air conditioners, fans, air filters; (5) battery chargers; and (6) lights and luminaries. The rules require appliance manufacturers to certify to the Energy Commission that their products meet all applicable state and federal laws concerning testing, efficiency and design standards, and marking requirements before their products can be included in the Energy Commission’s Modern Appliance Efficiency Database System (MAEDbS) of approved appliances sold or offered for sale in California. Not all the changes are substantial in nature.

It is important for pool & spa manufacturers of products such as pool pumps and pool heaters to review the regulation to ensure there are no issues. The changes to the pool pump provisions reference the new federal dedicated purpose pool pump rule.  None of the amendments change the energy or water efficiency standard of any appliance or result in any change in the estimated energy or water savings from the standards in the regulations.

Status: The Commission adopted the rule at the July 11 hearing. Staff are working on completing the final rulemaking package for submittal to the Office of Administrative Law (OAL). Notice is pending publication in the California Register. 


Notice of rule adoption:

Notice of hearing postponement: 



Notice of the proposed rule: (pdf pg 12) https://oal.ca.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/28/2018/03/13z-2018.pdf


A copy of the proposed amendments: http://docketpublic.energy.ca.gov/PublicDocuments/18-AAER-10/TN223091_20180330T103655_Proposed_Regulatory_Language_Express_Terms__45_Day_Language.pdf