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CALIFORNIA – CEC proposed rules for replacement motors on hold.

Regulation ID:  CA36970

Issue:  Energy Commission draft rule on Pool Pump Motors

Affects:  Those who manufacturer, sell and install pool pump motors.

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Rule Summary:  The Commission drafted updates to the appliance efficiency rules for pool pump replacement motors in 2017. The Commission was considering updates to its test procedures and energy efficiency standards for all dedicated purpose pool pump replacement motors but has now suspended this rule proposal as it awaits action by the Department of Energy on a possible federal pool pump motor rule to compliment the DOE dedicated purpose pool pump rule that will go into effect on July 19, 2021.

Status:  On hold awaiting possible federal action.

Notice of rule suspension: http://docketpublic.energy.ca.gov/PublicDocuments/15-AAER-02/TN222948_20180312T111759_Memo_to_Suspend_the_Replacement_Pool_Pump_Motor_PreRulemaking_P.PDF