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CONCORD, CALIFORNIA – reducing setbacks for pools


Issue: Amending Municipal Code Ordinance


Affects:  Those who build pools in Concord


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Bill Summary:  The City Council will consider an ordinance amending Municipal Code Title 18 (Development Code), Chapter 18.20 (General Terms), Chapter 18.35 (North Todos Santos (NTS)), Chapter 18.150 (General Development Standards), Chapter 18.200 (Standards for Specific Uses), and Chapter 18.425 (Minor Exceptions), amending the Development Code in order to include allowable residential densities in the NTS district (Table 18.35.030.B), reduce setbacks for pools (Section 18.150.160), comply with state law on parking requirements for accessory dwelling units (Section 18.200.180), update standards for attended donation centers and include provisions for unattended donation boxes (Section 18.200.200), clarify applicability of minor exceptions for residential structures (Section 18.425.020), and clarify various land use classifications (Section 18.20.020) by reading of the title only and waiving further reading.


Status:  The City Council will consider the amended ordinance at 6:30pm on February 27.


Agenda: http://www.cityofconcord.org/citygov/agendas/council/2018/02272018.asp