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OKLAHOMA – building code changes that are not consistent with the ISPSC and APSP standards


Regulation ID: OK37404


Issue: Uniform Building Code Commission proposed rules


Affects: Those who build pools, spas & hot tubs


Send comments to: Jennifer Hatfield, jhatfield@apsp.org


Rule Summary: The Commission has proposed to make modifications to the 2015 I-codes that affect swimming pools and spas.  Specifically, they propose to remove the reference in the International Residential Code (R326.1) that would require compliance with the International Swimming Pool & Spa Code and replace it with the language that would require 4 feet safety barriers unless on lots in excess of 2 acres or provided with a power safety cover or spa cover complying with ASTM F 1346.  Language provides requirements regarding self-latching gates as well but does not appear to provide for the allowance of the dwelling wall as a fourth side if alarms or other devices are used.  Language is also added to require that suction outlets comply with ANSI/APSP-7, which may imply that only the outlets and no other aspects of the pool or spa must comply with the standard.


The proposals also make changes related to residential energy efficiency requirements by removing the requirement found in the 2015 code that residential pools and permanent residential spas meet the ANSI/APSP-15 energy efficiency standard.  This section appears to be reverting back to the 2009 IRC energy language that simply addresses heaters, time switches, and covers.  A very problematic aspect is reverting to cover language that would require a R-12 insulation value pool cover on “pools” (which is implied to also mean spas) heated to over 90 degrees – this product does NOT exist.


Status: A public hearing is scheduled for March 20, 2018. Comments are due March 19, 2018.


Notice of Proposed Rule: 



Link to the Proposed Changes (see pages 12 & 31):