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IDAHO – a proposed bill that would limit local action regarding building codes


Issue:  HB 547 – Building Codes/Public Health Code


Affects:  Limits ability for ISPSC adoption in Idaho.


Send comments to:  Jennifer Hatfield, jhatfield@apsp.org


Bill Summary:  This measure prohibits local governments from adopting provisions, chapters, sections or parts of versions of the International Residential or the International Energy Conservation Code that have not been adopted by the Idaho Building Code Board in their entirety.  If this bill passes, Idaho will be utilizing the 2012 IRC, which does not reference the International Swimming Pool & Spa Code.  Therefore, it is not in the interest of APSP that this bill pass, it is better to give local governments the ability to adopt more current editions of the various I-codes, including the ISPSC.


Status:  Passed Senate on March 19. Signed by the Governor on March 28.


View proposed legislation: Adopted Amendment  (3/15/2018):  https://legislature.idaho.gov/wp-content/uploads/sessioninfo/2018/legislation/H0547A1.pdf