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WASHINGTON - Kirkland – City – updating the city code to comply with the 2017 NEC


Issue:  Local Building Code Ordinance


Affects:  Those who install or repair pool and spa items that must follow the National Electric Code requirements (found in Article 680 of the NEC)


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Bill Summary:  The City Council will consider an ordinance updating and modifying Title 21 of the Municipal Code regarding updating of the Kirkland Electrical Code and Chapter 27 of the International Building Code.  These changes will simply update the city code so it is utilizing the 2017 NEC, rather than the 2014 NEC, as the State has already done.


Status: The City Council will hear the ordinance on February 6.


Agenda: http://www.kirklandwa.gov/depart/council/Meetings/Agendas/agnd020618.htm