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HAWAII – proposed bill that would allow for alternative codes, possibly affecting construction of public pools.

Issue:  SB 3006 - Building Codes

Affects:  Could affect those who build state projects, such as a municipal swimming pool.

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Bill Summary:  This measure requires state projects to be designed and constructed using a code that is the most cost effective to a project, including the use of an alternative code that corresponds to the applicable code of trade or area of construction (i.e. the International Residential Code or National Electric Code, examples of codes currently adopted in Hawaii). However, the health and safety must not be negatively affected if an alternative code is used and it must be more cost effective than the applicable code.  Further, a council must approve the alternative code.

Status:Failed upon adjournment May 3.

View proposed legislation: Current version (3/22/2018):   https://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2018/bills/SB3006_HD1_.PDF