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COLORADO – decreasing energy efficiency requirements

Issue:SB 3 - Energy Efficiency Standards

Affects:Those who are involved with solar or green building initiatives.

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Bill Summary:  Aspects in bold could affect segments of the pool & spa industry...

(A) Repeals the wind for schools grant program. 

(B) Repeals the renewable energy and energy efficiency for schools loan program. 

(C) Removes the Colorado energy office's (office) involvement with the forest service and the air quality control commission to support the increased use of woody biomass in bio-heating. 

(D) Removes the office's involvement in grants with the Colorado energy research institute for the development of a central resource for building trade professionals. 

(E) Specifies that the director of the Colorado energy office is appointed by the governor, with the consent of the senate. 

(F) Specifies nuclear and hydroelectric power as a cleaner energy source that the office should promote; 

(G) Amends the office's requirement to develop and encourage increased utilization of energy curricula, and expands the collaborative groups to include the energy industry and executive departments; and 

(H) Repeals certain programs for which the office is responsible. 

(I) Renames the clean and renewable energy fund as the energy fund and continues the general fund transfer to the energy fund for 4 years and adds the authority to spend the money in the fund for educating the general public on energy issues and opportunities. 

(J)  Adds 4 years of funding for the innovative energy fund from the general fund and removes the requirement that the funds used in the innovative energy fund for grants or loans shall be limited to innovative energy efficiency projects and policy development. 

(K) repeals the office's authority to submit a proposal for credentialing photovoltaic installers. 

(L) repeals the green building incentive pilot program. 

(M)  repeals the 'Colorado Clean Energy Finance Program Act'. 

(N) removes the office's responsibility to maintain a list of solar installers, the requirement for a builder to offer that list to customers, and the requirement for the office to offer training on solar installations. 

(O) removes an obsolete section of law pertaining to a computer system for tracking the movement of gasoline or special fuel in the state. 

(P) removes the office as the administrator of the Colorado carbon fund special license plate.

Status: Passed the Senate on February 22. Passed House on April 19. Signed by Governor John Hickenlooper on June 1.

FInal version (2/21/2018):   http://leg.colorado.gov/sites/default/files/documents/2018A/bills/2018a_003_rer.pdf