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HAWAII – making it harder to obtain a variance from meeting energy efficient requirements

Issue: HB 2109 – Relating to Solar Water Heaters

Affects: Those who install solar water heaters.

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Bill Summary: This measure requires that solar water heater variances be signed by the architect or mechanical engineer attesting to the need for the variance. This measure also requires that any tankless water heater installed instead of a solar water heater be energy efficient. It also requires that the individual who would pay for the energy costs sign the application for a solar water heater variance. This could affect those in the pool and spa industry that install solar water heaters at residential homes for pools and spas as well.

Status:Failed upon adjournment May 3.

View proposed legislation:  Current version (1/30/2018):   https://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2018/bills/HB2109_HD1_.PDF