*Red font in the legislation and regulation indicates changes from previous reporting

VERMONT – new portable spa energy efficiency standards that will affect your business

Issue:   HB 410 - Energy Efficiency Standards

Affects:  Those who manufacturer, sell and install portable electric spas.

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Bill Summary: This bill proposes to amend Vermont’s energy efficiency standards for appliances and equipment to include the following products, which are not currently covered by federal energy efficiency standards: computers and monitors; “high CRI” linear fluorescent lamps; deep dimming fluorescent ballasts; faucets, urinals, and water closets; portable electric spas; commercial hot food holding cabinets; and water dispensers.  The revised bill passed by the House requires that no later than July 1, 2020 all portable electric spas sold in the state must meet the requirements of the 2014 edition of ANSI/APSP/ICC-14, Portable Electric Spa Energy Efficiency.

Status:  This measure passed the House by a vote of 137-4 on February 1. Passed Senate on May 9 with amendment; House concurred on May 10. This measure was sent to Governor Phil Scott (R) on May 16. Signed by Governor Phil Scott on May 21.

Final legislation:https://legislature.vermont.gov/assets/Documents/2018/Docs/ACTS/ACT139/ACT139%20As%20Enacted.pdf


Senate amendment (5/9/2018): https­://le­gisla­ture.­vermo­nt.go­v/ass­ets/D­ocume­nts/2­018/D­ocs/B­ILLS/­H-041­0/H-0­410%2­0Sena­te%20­propo­sal%2­0of%2­0amen­dment­%20Of­ficia­l.pdf­

Previous legislation:https://legislature.vermont.gov/assets/Documents/2018/Docs/BILLS/H-0410/H-0410%20As%20passed%20by%20the%20House%20Official.pdf