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MASSACHUSETTS – fiberglass pool transportation


Issue:  HB 1904, Transportation of Swimming Pools


Affects:  Those who manufacturer, transport and sell fiberglass pools.


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Bill Summary:  This measure allows one-piece swimming pools with a width of up to 16 feet to be transported on the highways of the state. Currently, Massachusetts continues to be one of the last states in the nation to not allow for transport of 16 foot wide pools. The state currently looks at fiberglass pools as “reducible” loads, meaning by transporting on a “tilt trailer” can conform to the current 14 ft. 6 in. wide load limit. However, transporting these pools on a “tilt trailer” means that only one pool can be configured on one trailer, thus causing transportation costs to be extremely expensive to local small businesses.  These costs ultimately are passed onto the Massachusetts tax paying consumer.


Status: Referred to Joint Committee on Transportation February 24. Hearing was held November 13 where APSP submitted a letter of support and had members testify.  Passed Committee; referred to House Ways and Means Committee on November 30.


This measure was heard November 13. During the hearing, the sponsor, Representative Aaron Vega (D), a representative of Leisure Pools and a Representative of Latham Pools testified in support of the measure. No organizations testified in opposition to the measure. The representative of Leisure Pools stated during their testimony that "Leisure Pools is one of the largest pool manufacturers in the world. We see the demand for fiber glass pools continue to grow year by year. Leisure Pools is seriously considering expanding its business in Massachusetts and that would create jobs and add to tax the base. But with the current regulations the company would be better suited to look at neighboring states. If HB1904 is passed we would be much more interested in expanding into Massachusetts."


Additionally, the representative of Latham Pools stated "We are one of the largest pool manufacturers and are in New York State. Over the last eight months I have heard from dealers in Massachusetts. We now have a distribution yard we put in play to service Massachusetts and New England. I hear from dealers in Massachusetts who ask why won't Latham distribute and transport 16 foot wide pools in Massachusetts. Our only option has been to use a tilt trailer which, in our opinion, creates a lot of added cost that we have to add on to homeowners. In last 5 to 7 years, the sale of fiberglass pools has been growing dramatically. Homeowners are looking for a pool with low maintenance and less chemicals. They are also looking for a durable product with quick installation. From Latham's perspective, we're looking for an equal playing field. The motorhome industry, the boating industries [also] have that 16 foot wide regulation." This measure awaits further consideration by the Committee of referral.


Former Governor Deval Patrick (D) vetoed an identical measure, H.B. 4025 during the 2009-2010 legislative session, however the measure was not overridden by the legislature.


View proposed legislation: https://malegislature.gov/Bills/190/H1904.pdf