*Red font in the legislation and regulation indicates changes from previous reporting

Olmsted, Minnesota- Planning and Zoning Code

Issue: Amendment to Swimming Pool Zoning Code

Affects:  Those who build residential swimming pools

Send comments to: Regan Ratliff, rratliff@phta.org

Summary:  The Planning Advisory Commission will hold a discussion on the Planning and Zoning Code Article 10 Section 10.23 relating to private swimming pools.  No further information is given on the topic of discussion surrounding swimming pools. 

PHTA members are encouraged to attend the meeting as changes to the code may affect the construction/installation of swimming pools. 

Status: The Olmsted Planning Advisory Commission will meet June 20, 2019 at 7:00PM. 

Agenda: http://olmstedcountymn.iqm2.com/Citizens/FileOpen.aspx?Type=14&ID=1621&Inline=True

Olmsted Zoning Ordinance (swimming pools section 10.23): https://www.co.olmsted.mn.us/planning/ordinances/Documents/Olmsted%20County/CountyZonOrdinance/2014/ARTICLE%2010_2014.pdf