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NEW HAMPSHIRE – operational permit fees


Issue: HB 582 - WATER PARKS


Affects:  Those who operate public pools.


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Bill Summary:  This measure increases the Public Bathing Facility and swimming pool permit fee to $400, plus $25 per 100 square feet of area over 400 square feet.


No person shall operate or maintain a public bathing facility without a license issued by the department. Such license shall be conditioned upon the maintenance of clean, healthful, and sanitary conditions, as determined and approved by the department. Such license shall be valid within the calendar year for which it is issued and subject to suspension or revocation at any time for cause. The fee for such license shall be $225 per pool with a maximum of $1,250 per facility and shall be deposited with the state treasurer in the public bathing facility program fund. 


This measure establishes a fund in the office of the state treasurer a public bathing facility program fund which shall be kept distinct and separate from all other funds. Such fund shall be the depository of all fees collected under this section. All moneys in such fund shall be nonlapsing and continually appropriated to the department for the purposes of inspecting and taking samples from public bathing facilities.


Status:  Carried over to 2018 legislative session June 30. Hearing held September 13, no action taking. Executive session scheduled October 18.

Proposed Legislation: