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VERMONT – 2019 Commercial and Residential Building Energy Standards Proposed Rule

Issue: Updates to the International Energy Conservation Code

Affects: Commercial and Residential Pool and Spa Builders

Send comments to: Regan Ratliff, rratliff@apsp.org

Rule Summary: The Vermont Department of Public Service proposed amendments to the Vermont residential and commercial building energy standards.  The commercial proposed rule seeks to amend the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) from the 2015 edition to the 2018 edition.  No changes have been made to sections pertaining to pools and spas, those requirements can be found in section C404.9 through C404.10.

The residential proposed rule seeks to incorporate sections from the 2015 IECC and the 2018 IECC.  Pools and spas are referenced in section R403.10 through R403.12.  PHTA has been in contact with Department staff on why they are choosing to incorporate both editions.  The staff has indicated there is a need to use sections from both editions as to better suite Vermont residents.   

Within the residential proposed rule, the PHTA Government Relations team has found two areas of concern.  First, section R403.10.1 pertaining to APSP-15 has a grammatical error which states ‘APSP-145’.  Second, there is a duplicate section listed under R403.12.  PHTA will send comments to the Department staff pointing out both errors. 

PHTA encourages members who working in Vermont to send comments to the PHTA Government Relations team.

Status: Comments on the proposed rules are due July 10, 2019 and a public hearing is scheduled for June 21, 2019.

Commercial Proposed Rule:  https://publicservice.vermont.gov/sites/dps/files/documents/Proposed_2019_CBES_Redlined_From_2018%20IECC%202018-10-02%20for%20review.pdf

Residential Proposed Rule: https://publicservice.vermont.gov/sites/dps/files/documents/2019%20Proposed%20RBES%20Redline%2004262019_0.pdf