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NORTH CAROLINA – electrical safety


Issue: SB 16 – swimming pool electrical safety


Affects:  Those who operate, build and service public pools.


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Bill Summary:  An amendment was added to this omnibus regulatory bill that directs the Building Code Council to review electrical safety requirements for swimming pools to determine if the requirements should be amended in order to better protect public safety. No later than December 1, 2017, the Council shall report its findings and recommendations, including any actions the Council has taken related to electrical safety requirements for swimming pools, to the General Assembly. 


Status:  Amended into our issue scope on June 14, passed the House on June 15, but the Senate failed to concur with the amended bill (there were numerous amendments).  On June 20 the bill was referred to a conference committee where a compromise will try to be reached. Senate Failed to Concur; Referred to Conference Committee June 20. The substitute removed provisions related to automatic renewal disclosure clauses and provisions amending requirements for health benefit plans covering small employers. This measure passed the House by a vote of 79-29 on August 3. This measure passed the Senate by a vote of 30-10 on August 4 and is eligible to be sent to Governor Roy Cooper (D). Since the Legislature has adjourned sine die, the Governor has 30 days, excluding Sundays, to sign or veto this measure. If the Governor does not sign this measure, this measure will be enacted without a signature. If the Governor vetoes this measure, this measure will likely not receive further consideration unless a veto session is called by the majority of the Legislature.Governor Roy Cooper (D) vetoed this measure, on August 14, citing objections to provisions removing safeguards on stormwater. This measure will be sent back to its chamber of origin with a message explaining the Governor’s objections and recommendations which will remove such objections. The Legislature can overturn the Governor’s veto with a 3/5 vote in both legislative chambers. This measure is eligible to be reconsidered by the legislature when it reconvenes on August 18.

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