*Red font in the legislation and regulation indicates changes from previous reporting

NORTH CAROLINA – Pools/Spas at Child Care Centers


Regulation ID: NC34610


Issue: Child Care Commission rules: Pool, Hot Tub and Swimming Safety


Affects:  The type of pools and spas that can be used at these facilities.


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Rule Summary: The Commission adopted amendments to its regulations concerning facilities and activities at child care centers, specifically addressing pool, hot tub, and swimming safety.


Status: These rules were originally adopted as a temporary rule in 2016, the Rules Review Commission approved the rules at a September 21, 2017 meeting. Notice of the approved rules was published in the October 16 Register. The effective date and notice of final rules are pending publication.


Notice of Proposed Rules (pdf pg 8):



Notice of RRC Meeting (pdf p. 40):



Notice of Approved Rules: (pdf pg. 46)