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OKLAHOMA – building codes & workforce training

Issue:SB 283 – Building Codes

Affects:  Those who build pools & spas.

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Bill Summary: Current version (4/11/2017):Codes and standards adopted by the Commission shall be the minimum standards for residential and commercial construction in this state.  Additionally, the Oklahoma State Building Code Commission is required to create and maintain a website with a detailed listing of all current building codes and standards adopted by the Commission. For purposes of public notification, the uniform building codes and standards adopted by the Commission or submitted to the Commission by a state agency, municipality or other political subdivision of this state shall be updated at least annually on the website. The website shall additionally provide notice of all codes adopted by a state agency, city or any other political subdivision of the state which have been submitted to the Oklahoma Uniform Building Code Commission. The Commission may require, obtain and post to its website, at no cost to the Commission, all or part of the detailed building codes and standards adopted by a city, town or county which are different from the uniform building standards and codes adopted by the Commission.This measure was heard April 12. During the hearing, the committee voted 13-1 to substitute and pass the measure. The substitute removes the adoption period for building codes and establishes a workforce training program for trade jobs.

Status:Failed upon adjournment May 3.

Current version (4/11/2017):http:­//web­serve­r1.ls­b.sta­te.ok­.us/c­f_pdf­/2017­-18%2­0FLR/­HFLR/­SB283­%20HF­LR.PD­F­