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RHODE ISLAND -  Portable Spa Energy Efficiency Standards


Issue:  HB 6077 - Energy Efficiency Standards


Affects:  Those who manufacturer, sell and install portable spas.


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Bill Summary: This measure establishes minimum energy and water efficiency standards for certain products sold or installed in the state. This measure states that the chief of energy and community services shall require manufacturers of new products covered by §39-27-4 of this chapter to identify each product offered for sale or installation in the state as in compliance with the provisions of this chapter by means of a mark, label, or tag on the product and packaging at the time of sale or installation. The commission shall promulgate regulations governing the identification of such products and packaging, which shall be coordinated to the greatest practical extent with the labeling programs of other states and federal agencies with equivalent efficiency standards. The commission shall allow the use of existing marks, labels, or tags, which connote compliance with the efficiency requirements of this chapter.   Important to APSP, is the efficiency requirements included in this bill for portable spas – the bill references the APSP-14 Portable Electric Spa Energy Efficiency Standard.


Status:  Hearing held by the House Environment and Natural Resources Committee on April 27; bill held for further study.


View proposed legislation: http://webserver.rilin.state.ri.us/BillText/BillText17/HouseText17/H6077.pdf