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Affects:  Those who operate public swimming pools.


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Bill Summary: This measure states that every public swimming pool that is required to provide lifeguard services and that charge a direct fee shall also provide on its premises an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) unit. The AED unit shall be readily available during pool operations. This measure requires the State Department of Education, in consultation with the State Department of Public Health, to issue best practices guidelines related to pool safety at K–12 schools. This measure defines “Public swimming pool” as any public swimming pool defined in Section 116025 that is open to the public.


Status: Passed Assembly on May 31.  Referred to Senate Health Committee on June 14. Hearing held on June 28 where the Senate Health Committee unanimously passed the measure and referred it to the Senate Appropriations Committee. Hearing scheduled for July 17. During the July 17 hearing, this measure was placed in the suspense file for further consideration at a later date. The suspense file is a function of the fiscal committee in both legislative chambers. The suspense file hearing date has yet to be determined, but according to staff it will take place before September 1.


Current version (5/26/2017):