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Issue:  HB 1116 - BUILDING CODES


Affects:  Could affect pool & spa energy requirements when building a pool & spa.


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Bill Summary: This measure states that the design standard for any new construction commenced after July 1, 2015, within the boundaries of any local unit of government that has not adopted an ordinance prescribing standards for new construction pursuant to § 11-10-5 shall be based on the 2015 edition of the International Building Code as published by the International Code Council, Incorporated. For the purposes of this section, the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code is the required version of the International Energy Conservation Code within the International Building Code. 


Status:  Passed House 60-6, sent to the Senate where it passed 5-2 out of the Senate Commerce and Energy Committee on February 23, now awaits consideration by the full Senate.


View proposed legislation: http://www.sdlegislature.gov/docs/legsession/2017/Bills/HB1116P.pdf