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MASSACHUSETTS – Public Pool Requirements


Issue:  HB 178 Building Codes


Affects:  Those who operate public and semipublic outdoor inground swimming pools


Send comments to:  Jennifer Hatfield, jhatfield@apsp.org


Bill Summary:  Every public and semipublic outdoor inground swimming pool installed prior to January 1, 1998 shall be exempt from any regulation requiring a continuous walkway around the pool with a minimum width of four feet of unobstructed clear distance including a curb at the pool edge if such a curb is used.  Also provides that such pools shall be exempt from any regulation requiring continuous recirculation of the entire water supply so as to produce bubbles and shall be considered in compliance with this section so long as an appropriate amount of water has been filtered or circulated so as to maintain the clarity and cleanliness of the water.


Comments:  Appears to be exempting older public and semi-public pools from accessibility requirements for an unobstructed walkway around the pool as well as exempting them from continuous recirculation of the water. This same bill was filed in the last session. Need more feedback from APSP members and information on current requirements to ascertain if this is something APSP can support or not.


Status: Introduced January 19.


View proposed legislation:  https://malegislature.gov/Bills/190/H178.pdf