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Golden, Colorado-- Building codes

Issue: 2018 ICC Code Adoption  

Affects:  Those who build pools/spas

Send comments to: Regan Ratliff, rratliff@phta.org

Summary:  Golden City Council will hear a proposal by the City Building Division to adopt the 2018 editions of the International Building Code, Residential Code, Energy Conservation Code, Fire Code, Fuel Gas Code, Existing Building Code, Mechanical Code, Plumbing Code and 2017 National Electric Code. 

The proposal of the 2018 codes does not include reference to the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC).  The ISPSC is a model code covering  the design and construction requirements of residential and public pools and spas.  Several other ICC codes (Building, Residential and Energy Conservation) all reference the ISPSC for pool and spa related requirements.  To date the code has been adopted in 19 local jurisdictions in Colorado.   

PHTA members who live/work in the Golden area are encouraged to reach out to Chief Building Official Scott Greer via phone or by email to express the need for the adoption of the ISPSC.  Adoption of the code will ensure design and construction standards throughout the state. 

Status: The City Council will hold a meeting May 16, 2019 at 6:30PM. 

Agenda: http://goldenco.granicus.com/GeneratedAgendaViewer.php?view_id=2&event_id=3566

Code Proposal:  https://goldenco.granicus.com/MetaViewer.php?view_id=2&event_id=3566&meta_id=100706