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LOUISIANA – building codes


Regulation ID: LA33880


Issue: State Uniform Construction Code Council proposed rule: Adoption of 2015 I-Codes and the 2014 NEC


Affects:  Those who build swimming pools.


Deadline for input to APSP:  February 9


Send comments to: Jennifer Hatfield, jhatfield@apsp.org


Rule Summary: The Council (LSUCCC) proposed amendments to adopt the 2015 I-codes and the 2014 NEC.  The proposal, including state specific amendments to the International Residential Code and the International Plumbing Code, impact swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs.


Status: Governor John Bel Edwards (D) issued an executive order 12/11/2017 rescinding the suspension of this rulemaking, which allowed the proposed rules (the 2014 NEC, and 2015 I-codes with Louisiana-specific amendments) to be adopted 12/12/2017. Official notice of the final rules appeared in the Louisiana Register. The rules are effective January 20.


Notice of the Proposed Rule: (pdf pg. 184)



Notice of Executive Order and Final Rules (pdf pgs 7 and 79):