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NEW HAMPSHIRE – Code Requirements




Affects: Those who do electrical work.


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Bill Summary:  This measure states that after the repeated tripping of an AFCI device and the determination that branch circuit is not causing the AFCI to trip, an AFCI device may be replaced with one without AFCI protection. The measure was amended on April 19 to provide that If a device without AFCI protection is installed, the property owner shall provide notice of the installation, by registered letter or email with a read receipt requested, to all occupants of the building or structure, as applicable. If an electrician performs the replacement, the electrician shall file an AFCI unwanted tripping report with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.


Status:  This measure was heard April 19. During the hearing, the committee voted to amend and pass the measure. The amendment inserts clarifying language regarding devices without AFCI protection. Passed Senate May 18. Passed House June 1.  Signed by Governor Chris Sununu on June 28.

Final version (5/18/2017):   http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/bill_status/billText.aspx?sy=2017&id=13&txtFormat=pdf&v=current