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FLORIDA – Building Codes


Issue: SB 7000 & HB 901 – Florida Building Commission


Affects:  Pool & Spa Contractors


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Bill Summary: This Senate measure states that the Florida Building Commission shall only use the 6th edition and subsequent additions of the Florida Building Code as the foundation for the developments and updates to the Florida building Code. It therefore removes all instances of basing the foundation of new editions of the Florida code on different national and internationally recognized codes, such as the ICC.  Whereas the house bill was amended so it does not conform with the senate bill any longer; specifically, the house bill simply changes the current 3-year code cycle to 5 years and changes the make-up of the Commission from 27 members to 11 members.  


Status:  HB 901 – Voted favorable with amendments by Careers and Competition Subcommittee by a vote of 14-0 on March 28. SB 7000 – Passed with amendments by the Appropriations Subcommittee on General Government on March 15, next stop full Appropriations.


Amended SB 7000 legislation:



Amended HB 901 legislation: