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ARIZONA – Pool/Spa Contractor Requirements


Affects:  Those who hold pool & spa licenses

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Bill Summary: This measure eliminates the requirement that commercial and swimming pool license applicants must submit a detailed statement of current financial conditions. It also repeals two sections of law; eliminating the payment schedule and contract requirements for residential in-ground swimming pool and spa installation contractors, and eliminating the requirement that a general remodeling and repair contractor, who is the subject of at least five unresolved and substantiated abandonment complaints, may not accept new projects until operating with less than five complaints in the most recent twelve-month period. APSP AZ members have been working with a lobbyist to address aspects of this bill that caused concern.  Specifically, the amendment adopted March 21 will now retain the law requiring progress payments by the homeowner to the swimming pool contractor, but make a few changes to it: (1) specifies a down payment up to 15% of the original contract amount and (2) requires maximum incremental payments of 25% of the original contract amount plus any written change orders approved by the purchaser.

Status: Signed by Governor on April 17. Effective upon passage.

Current version (3/30/2017):  https://apps.azleg.gov/BillStatus/GetDocumentPdf/452198