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Regulation ID: Executive Order


Issue: Executive Order: Oklahoma Occupational Licensing Task Force


Affects: Could affect the pool & spa industry, something to be aware of & monitor.


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Rule Summary: Governor Mary Fallin (R) recently released executive order 2016-39 creating the Oklahoma Occupational Licensing Task Force. The task force has been tasked with a comprehensive review of all occupational licensing in Oklahoma and to provide recommendations to the Governor for the potential removal of license requirements that do not promote the health and safety of Oklahomans and are unreasonable barriers to Oklahoma workers' workforce entry. The board is required to:


(A) Identify all occupational licenses required in Oklahoma;


(B) Identify all state agencies, boards and commissions involved with the administration of licenses; 


(C) Determine how each license is administered, including a review of information technology platforms that are or could be utilized and the fee structure for obtaining licenses;


(D) Review the necessity and appropriateness of training levels and other requirements in obtaining licenses;


(E) Evaluate whether the public health and safety goals and concerns addressed by license requirements outweigh the barriers to workforce entry placed upon Oklahoma workers.


Status: The task force shall submit its report no later than December 31, 2017 detailing its findings and any policy recommendation that it may have.


Order: https://www.sos.ok.gov/documents/executive/1062.pdf