*Red font in the legislation and regulation indicates changes from previous reporting

TEXAS – pool safety requirements at child-care centers

Regulation ID: International Swimming Pool & Spa Code

Issue: Amendments to and adoption of the ISPSC by the Building & Residential Advisory Board of the NCTCOG

Affects: Those who build or swimming pools

Deadline for input to APSP:  Send to APSP no later than December 6.

Send comments to: Jennifer Hatfield, jhatfield@apsp.org

Meeting information:

The Building and Residential Advisory Board of the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) will be holding a meeting on Thursday, December 8 from 9:30am-12pm at the Fred Keithley Conference Room, CPII at the North Central Texas Council of Governments Offices located at 616 Six Flags Drive, Arlington, TX 76011. At the meeting the Board is hoping to finalize the recommended amendments to the Swimming Pool & Spa Code, APSP asks its Texas members to please review those amendments here. APSP also urges some of its local members to attend this meeting – please let us know if you will be able to make it.