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Arizona – HB 2569 (Licensing Requirements)

Issue: Out of State Licensing Applicants

Affects:  Those who hold an occupational or professional license 

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Bill Summary: HB 2569 establishes that an occupational or professional license shall be issued (in the same discipline and at the same practice level) to a person who establishes residence in Arizona and wishes to keep the license to work. 

The person must meet the following requirements for this to be applicable:

  1. The person must currently possess the license in at least one other state and must be in good standing
  2. The person has been licensed for at least one year
  3. The person must have met the minimum education and or work experience requirements to possess the license
  4. The person must have passed the licensing examination to possess the license, if required by the other state
  5. The person has not had a license or certificate revoked or voluntarily surrendered a license or certificate while under investigation for unprofessional conduct
  6. The person has not had discipline imposed by any other regulating entity
  7. The person does not have a complaint, allegation or investigation pending that relates to unprofessional conduct
  8. The person pays all applicable fees
  9. The person does not have a disqualifying criminal history as determined by the regulating entity

Status: This bill was signed by Governor Doug Ducey April 10th.  This will go into effect April 27, 2019. 

Final version:   https://www.azleg.gov/legtext/54leg/1R/bills/HB2569H.pdf

News article on Doug Ducey Comments: https://azgovernor.gov/governor/news/2019/04/arizona-becomes-first-state-establish-universal-recognition-occupational