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Arkansas– SB 342 (Licensing Requirements)

Issue: Sub-Contractor Licensing/Registration Changes

Affects:  Those who obtain a sub-contractor license

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Bill Summary: As stated in this bill, which was recently signed by the Governor, the state will now eliminate the sub-contractor licensing requirement and allow for registration of subcontractors. 

Arkansas has taken an initiative to reform the system of occupational licensing, as they are trying to address occupational licensing regulations that create unnecessary barriers to labor market entry. 

What this means for members in Arkansas is there will no longer be the need for sub-contractors to go through a licensing program.  They will now only need to register to become a sub-contractor. 

Status: This bill was signed by Governor Asa Hutchinson on April 10th.  This will go into effect July 1, 2020. 

SB 342 Final version:   http://www.arkleg.state.ar.us/assembly/2019/2019R/Bills/SB342.pdf