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FLORIDA – electrical pool equipment work


Regulation ID: FL32838


Issue: Construction Industry Licensing Board: Amendments to a Rule Concerning Definitions


Affects:  Those who service and build pools and spas.


Deadline for input to APSP:  September 30


Send comments to: Jennifer Hatfield, jhatfield@apsp.org


Rule Summary: FSPA has been working with the Construction Industry Licensing Board on a rule to further clarify what a licensed pool contractor’s scope of work means when it comes to replacing and installing equipment that has an electrical component. APSP has supported this initiative that has been a year in the making. The result is the adoption of 61G4-12.011(16).  This rule means that you can replace that light, pump, motor, heat pump, automation system etc., but the rule goes on to say that if you must add a circuit when installing any of this type of equipment, you must hire an electrician to do that part of the work.  This is what pool contractors have been abiding by for decades, but in the past few years it has come into question; this rule should bring resolution. This was not a broadening of the scope of work; rather, the rule is simply clarifying in more detail aspects of the scope of work that have been the routine in the pool & spa industry.


Status: The effective date of the rule is May 24.


Final Rule: