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Issue:  Construction related fees/charges
Affects:  Those who build pools/spas
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Bill Summary: This bill revises laws governing certified local government building code programs.  This bill stipulates that each county, city, or town must ensure that all construction-related fees or charges imposed and collected by the county, city, or town are necessary, reasonable and uniform are reduced when the amount of fees or charges accumulates about the amount needed to enforce building codes for 24 months, based on the average of actual expenditures over the previous 3 years.
Status: This bill has been referred to the House Local Government Committee. A hearing has been scheduled January 31, 2019. A hearing has been scheduled for February 20, 2019.  
01/17/19 version: https://leg.mt.gov/bills/2019/billpdf/HB0236.pdf 
02/07/19 versions: https://leg.mt.gov/bills/2019/HB0299/HB0236_2.pdf
02/14/19 version: https://leg.mt.gov/bills/2019/HB0299/HB0236_3.pdf