*Red font in the legislation and regulation indicates changes from previous reporting

Issue: Energy efficient products
Affects:  Those who build and sell energy efficient swimming pool and spa products
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Bill Summary: This bill requires the Department of Business Economic Development, and Tourism to adopt state appliance efficiency standards.  Energy efficient appliances outlined in this bill include: showerheads, computers and monitors, faucets, high CRI fluorescent lamps and spray sprinkler bodies. 
The Hawaii legislature recognizes the state of California as a leader in establishing state-level appliance efficiency standards that protect consumers and finds that the California appliance efficiency standards should be used as a model for Hawaii’s standards. 
APSP is actively working with the sponsor of this bill to add APSP-14 Standard for portable electric spas to the language and provisions. 
Status: This measure will be heard February 20, 2019 in the House Committee on Consumer Protection and Commerce. APSP will report once more information is released. 
Current version: https://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2019/bills/HB556_.PDF