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Issue: Independent Contractor Clarification
Affects: Those who build pools/spas
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Bill Summary: This bill seeks to establish a definition of "independent contractor" and apply it consistently for various wage, benefit, and social insurance programs. The legislature will clarify for employers what elements of a working relationship constitute an "employee" and ensure that those working as independent contractors are doing so in a truly independent manner. Further, this clarity will help level the playing field for employers who pay for workers' living wages and benefits, and ensure that more workers have access to the wage and social insurance protections that have underpinned the middle class for decades. The legislature intends to promote consistency and clarity with respect to independent contractor definitions, and to provide a fair and accessible process for workers and for the state to enforce these standards.

This measure also lays the foundation for what an ‘employer’ is prohibited from doing when it comes to independent contractors.

APSP members are encouraged to read through this bill and send comments to the APSP Government Relations team.

Status: An Executive Session was held February 4, 2019, no action was taken. A hearing will be held February 21, 2019.
Current version: http://lawfilesext.leg.wa.gov/biennium/2019-20/Pdf/Bills/House%20Bills/1515.pdf#page=1