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Issue: Licensing of Veterans
Affects:  Those who build pools/spas
Send comments to:  Jennifer Hatfield,
Bill Summary: This bill relates to licensure of veterans.  This bill allows any person who has served on active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States and  who has successfully completed the course of instruction required to qualify him or her for rating as a plumber, utilities worker or other equivalent rating in his or her particular branch of the Armed Forces, and whose service in the Armed Forces was under honorable conditions, to submit to the West Virginia Commissioner of Labor a photostatic copy of the certificate issued to him or her certifying successful completion of such course of instruction, a photostatic copy of his or her discharge from the Armed Forces, an application for a certification as a plumber and the prescribed license fee.
If all documentation is in order and if the veteran meets all requirements, the veteran shall be permitted to take the same examination as applicants who do not apply for a license under the provisions of this article.
APSP members are encouraged to read through the proposed bill and send comments to the APSP Government Relations team. 
Status: This bill has been referred to the House Veterans' Affairs and Homeland Security Committee.  APSP will report once more information is released. 
Proposed Bill:   http://www.wvlegislature.gov/Bill_Text_HTML/2019_SESSIONS/RS/bills/hb2330%20intr.pdf