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Issue: VA Board for Contractors Definitions and Regulations
Affects: Could affect licensure of our profession, looking for input.
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Rule Summary: The Board has proposed amendments to revise the specialty definitions to add a miscellaneous category for those contractors whose work is so specialized that it fails to fall under any specialty.  The definition for ‘Miscellaneous contracting’ will read as follows:
"Miscellaneous contracting" (Abbr: MSC) means that service which may fall under another classification or specialty service but is more limited than the functions provided by the other classification or specialty.  This specialty is limited to a single activity and will be restricted to that specialty only.  This specialty may not be used for work that would fall under the ELE, HVA, PLB, GFC, LPG, NGF, EEC, WWP, ASC, LAC, or ASB classifications and specialties.  Contractors applying for the MSC specialty will have their applications reviewed by the Board for Contractors.
Status: Comment period will be open from December 24, 2018 until February 22, 2019.  A public hearing will be held February 7, 2019 at 10:00AM. 
Proposed Text:  http://townhall.virginia.gov/L/ViewXML.cfm?textid=12416
Agenda and Action Notice Page: http://townhall.virginia.gov/L/viewstage.cfm?stageid=8239