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Issue: Construction Industry Craft Training Fees for Residential Pools

Affects: Those who build residential swimming pools.

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Bill Summary: The Alabama Department of Finance, Division of Construction Management, adopted a rule clarifying that residential swimming pools are exempt from construction industry craft training fees.

Alabama Administrative Code Section 355-10-1.01 Applicability now reads: The following procedures and fees are applicable to construction authorized on the issuance of any nonresidential construction building permit issued by any county, city, town or other political subdivision of this state. Nonresidential construction shall include the construction, alteration, maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, remediation, reclamation, or demolition of any building, highway, sewer, structure, sitework, grading, paving, or project or any improvement in the State of Alabama, including projects where a single trade is involved, signs, and swimming pools over $5,000, but shall specifically exclude the following: any single family residence; any building for residential occupancy that is less than three floors in height and which does not have more than four units; townhouses; and single-family residential swimming pools.

Status: The final rule is pending publication in the Administrative Code.

Notice of Adopted Rule:

Notice of Proposed Rule: