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New Hampshire- HB 710 (Building Codes)

Issue: Building Code Review Process

Affects:  Those who build pools/spas

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Bill Summary: This bill revises the procedure for amendments to the state building code and provides for the appointment of alternative members of the state building code review board. As outlined in this bill, the Board must also maintain an accessible list of applicable building codes and amendments of such codes.  Appeals of decisions of any local building code board of appeals shall be made within 30 days of the Board’s decision. 

The bill provides the following language:

(a)  The board may recommend adoption of a newer version of a code that has been effective at least 2 years, and shall provide a summary of all significant changes, cost estimates of these changes, and documentation of the need for the change in the recommended legislation.

(b)  Amendments to the codes shall be reviewed and approved by the board, then submitted annually to the legislature for ratification by the adoption of appropriate legislation before they become effective.

(c)   The board may hear appeals of final decisions of any local building code board of appeals established under RSA 674, provided that the appeal shall be based on a claim that the intent of the code or the rules legally adopted thereunder have been incorrectly interpreted, the provisions of the code do not fully apply, or there is an alternative construction.  The board shall not have authority to waive or grant variances to requirements of the code.

(d)  Amendments adopted by municipalities shall be published by the board.

Status: This bill was signed by the Governor July 12, 2019 with an effective date of August 11, 2019.

Final Version: http://gencourt.state.nh.us/bill_status/billText.aspx?id=282&txtFormat=html&sy=2019