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Regulation ID: CA31660


Issue: Department of Public Health proposed rule: Public Pools - Pools & Spas – Heath, Safety and Security Requirements


Affects:  Those involved with water quality at public pools.


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Rule Summary: The Department proposed amendments to the rules impacting public swimming pools. The updates will amend the existing public pool rules to ensure they are consistent with the Model Aquatic Health Code Requirements. Specifically, the proposal will remove the requirement to test for and maintain combined-chlorine concentrations at 0.4 parts per million (ppm). The changes are necessary to incorporate updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in August 2014 regarding combined-chlorine monitoring. The proposed update will amend public pool operation and maintenance regulations that affect public pool sanitation, health, and safety practices in California.

Status: Staff approved and submitted the rule to OAL for review.  OAL approved the rule.  The rule is effective January 1.

Notice of the final effective rule: (pdf pg 31)