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New Hampshire- HB 562 (Building Codes)

Issue: International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC) and other I-Codes

Affects:  Those who build pools/spas  

Summary: On July 17th, 2019, Governor Sununu signed House Bill 562 which means as of September 15th, 2019, an updated State Building Code will take effect.

This bill updates the definition of the New Hampshire State Building Code to include the 2017 National Electric Code and the 2015 edition of the International Building Code, the International Existing Building Code, the International Plumbing Code, the International Mechanical Code, the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), the International Residential Code and most important the ISPSC. 

All adopted codes are mandatory within the state meaning all jurisdictions must comply with the requirements set out in each code. 

The state adopted the 2015 ISPSC as a stand-alone which covers the design and construction of pools and spas.   This code will apply to all private swimming pools and spas.  Public recreational facilities including public swimming pools and spas are regulated by the NH Department of Environmental Services.  Those who build public pools and spas will have to look at the ISPSC and the Environmental Services rule.  This is because the Environmental Services public pool rule does contain construction provisions and therefore, there may be inconsistencies between the newly adopted ISPSC and that rule that was last amended May 1, 2014.  We encourage PHTA members to check with their local building and health departments when building a public pool to confirm design and construction requirements. 

In regard to the 2015 IECC, PHTA members should note provisions in this code include requirements related to heaters, time switches and covers.  Also required is the APSP-14 Standard for Portable Electric Spa Energy Efficiency (2011 edition) and APSP-15 Standard for Residential Swimming Pool and Spa Energy Efficiency (2011 edition). 

Also, the NEC contains pool and spa electrical requirements in Article 680. 

The PHTA Government Relations team was actively involved with the bill sponsor to help push this bill through the legislative process. 

Status: This bill was signed by the Governor July 17, 2019 and will take effect September 15, 2019. 

HB 562 Final Version: http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/bill_status/billText.aspx?sy=2019&id=477&txtFormat=html

NH State Building Code Review Board: https://www.nh.gov/safety/boardsandcommissions/bldgcode/index.html

Public Pool and Spa Program: https://www.des.nh.gov/organization/divisions/water/wmb/pools/index.htm

Public Pool Code: https://www.des.nh.gov/organization/commissioner/legal/rules/documents/env-wq1100.pdf