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CALIFORNIA – CEC Final Hearing affecting portable and inflatable spas

Regulation ID: CA30166

Issue: Energy Commission proposed rule addressing portable and inflatable spas

Affects:  Those who manufacturer portable electric spas and inflatable spas.

Send comments to:Jennifer Hatfield,jhatfield@apsp.org

Rule Summary:  The Commission has proposed updates to the appliance efficiency rules pertaining to portable electric spas. The Commission has proposed updates to the portable electric spas standby power mode efficiency standard, test procedure and labeling requirements for spas.The proposed regulations would improvethe efficiency standards for standard spas, exercise spas, and combination spas manufactured on or after 6/1/2019 and add a new efficiency standard for inflatable spas manufactured on or after 6/1/2019. In addition, the proposed regulations would amend the test procedure to ANSI/APSP/ICC-14 2014, American National Standard for Portable Electric Spa Energy Efficiency beginning 6/1/2019. The proposed regulations would add definitions for the subgroups of portable electric spas to enable implementation of the updated test methods and standby power standard. The proposed regulations would institute a label requirement for all portable electric spas manufactured on or after 6/1/2019. Lastly, the proposed regulations would also modify the data submittal requirements to collect information that is needed to confirm compliance with these requirements. The regulations would maintain the existing scope, covering standard spas, exercise spas, combination spas, and inflatable spas. APSP’s IHTA Engineering Committee reviewed and submitted comments for the March 6 Workshop; then provided additional input that resulted in many changes seen in the 15-day language.

Status:A public hearing workshop was held on March 6; APSP presented their comments at the workshop. 15-day language was then posted, and final comments were due April 6. A final adoption hearing occurred on April 11 where the Commission adopted the 15-day rule language at the hearing. Once the final rulemaking package is completed staff will file the rule with the Office of Administrative Law (OAL). The effective date of the new language will be determined by when OAL approves and sends the final rule to the Secretary of State who publishes it. The expected effective date of the rule is October 1, 2018 with the new requirements having to be applied by June 1, 2019.

15-day language: http://docketpublic.energy.ca.gov/PublicDocuments/18-AAER-02/TN223014_20180322T123402_Notice_of_Availability_of_15Day_Language__15Day_Language_for_Po.pdf

Notice of the proposed rule:http://docketpublic.energy.ca.gov/PublicDocuments/18-AAER-02/TN222396_20180129T162308_Notice_of_Proposed_Action_for_Portable_Electric_Spas_and_Batter.pdf

Notice of the 3/6/2018 public workshop: http://www.energy.ca.gov/calendar/index.php?com=detail&eID=3103

A copy of the 3/6/2018 meeting agenda:http://docketpublic.energy.ca.gov/PublicDocuments/18-AAER-02/TN222822_20180301T173044_Agenda_for_Lead_Commissioner_Meeting_on_Appliance_Efficiency_Re.pdf

Staff presentation:http://docketpublic.energy.ca.gov/PublicDocuments/18-AAER-02/TN222821_20180301T173045_Staff_Presentation__Introduction_and_Background_on_Portable_Ele.pdf