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UNITED STATES – energy efficiency pool pump FINAL rule


Regulatory ID: US28431


Issue: US Department of Energy Publishes FINAL Rulemaking Pertaining to Test Procedures for Dedicated-Purpose Pool Pumps


Affects:  Those who manufacturer pool pumps


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Rule Summary: In 2015 the Department announced notice of a request for information to consider new energy conservation standards for dedicated-purpose pool pumps. A negotiated workgroup was formed and a proposed rule was published as the result of the workgroup, which included members of APSP.  The proposed rule establish a federal rule for minimum energy efficiency for such pumps by establishing new definitions, a new test procedure for dedicated-purpose pool pumps, new sampling and rating requirements, and new enforcement provisions for such equipment.  APSP manufacturers sent additonal comments to the Department on the proposed rule, prior to the final rule being published. 


Status: The Department received several adverse comments in response to the Direct Final Rule, but determined that these comments were not reasonable and did not warrant withdrawing or revising the rule. The rule is final and effective May 18, 2017 and affected pool pumps must comply by July 19, 2021.


Notice of Effective Date:



Direct Final Rule - Energy Conservation - Federal Register Notice: