*Red font in the legislation and regulation indicates changes from previous reporting

Issue:  HB 4282 – Licensing for Pool/Spa (Home Improvement Contractors)


Affects:  Has possible implications on who can build a swimming pool.


Bottom Line:  The measure was heard, substituted and passed the House Committee on Regulatory Reform. The substitute removes provisions directly addressing swimming pools. The substitute now only addresses the requirements for a residential maintenance and alteration contractor to receive a license. The measure now awaits a vote on the floor of the House.


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Bill Summary: Prohibits an applicant for an initial license as a residential maintenance and alteration contractor that is applicable to or more crafts or trades from receiving an initial license unless he or she successfully completed five hours of pre-licensure courses that are pertinent to each of those crafts or trades.


Status: Passed House September 22 by a vote of 66-40 and awaits further consideration in the Senate.


View proposed legislation:  https://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(kgavrabatnvunjbteucahiy0))/documents/2015-2016/billcurrentversion/House/PDF/2015-HCVBH-4282-6734.PDF